Kelsey Shwetz

Kelsey Shwetz is a Canadian-born painter who lives and works in Brooklyn. Her work is concerned with the female gaze, intimacy, registers of memory, and obsession. She’s most recently created a figurative character that inhabits worlds populated by plant life. Moving away from the strict figurative realism in her previous work, Shwetz shifts from painting figures that are drawn from day-to-day personal and social situations towards larger imaginative narratives and scenes. She constructs these images from fragmentary references, such as passages of literature, studies of individual plants, and drawings that interpret a character’s relationship to the space around them. The characters in her work move through worlds of lush foliage, which they are either sinking into, hiding behind, interfering or cooperating with. Shwetz is represented by Christopher Stout Gallery New York, and has also recently exhibited in Germany, Miami, Toronto, and Montreal. She was awarded residencies at Emerson Landing, Eastside International, Starry Night (USA); and CanSerrat (Spain). Publications featuring her work include: Brooklyn Magazine, Whitehot Magazine, NYC-ARTS, Posture Magazine, Flavorwire, Lost at E-Minor, Lip Magazine, Tjen Folket, and the Globe and Mail.